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Manaslu Trek? Utilize This Trekking Guide

Do you wish to trek in one of the tallest peaks in Nepal? Are you looking for something thrilling and enjoying? Well, you can choose the Manaslu trek because it is one of the eighth highest peaks in the world. It helps you obtain unparalleled trekking experience but remember it is a quite difficult route to trek. You should have enough stamina and energy to reach the ups and downs of the route carefully.

Reach the highest point at Larkya pass to obtain spectacular views of this mountain that is the best sights in the great Himalayas. This trek renders a great experience for the trekkers through outstanding scenery. Additionally, it takes you to different vegetation such as river gorges, subtropical forests, alpine forest, and striking snowcaps. When compared to other treks such as Everest base camp trek and Annapurna base camp trek, it renders a similar experience.

Even though this trek is quite challenging, it offers you raw and wild beauty, which you cannot experience anywhere else. Because of the teahouses, the trail becomes populated in the recent times. However, it still remains among the least crowded trekking trail in the Nepal. If you wish to enjoy trekking but staying away from the crowd, then nothing will be a great choice than manaslu trek. Keep on reading to know more information about this trek!


Reasons to go for Manaslu trek

  • You can reach the challenging height of the peak, which is 5106meteres at Larkya La pass
  • Manaslu trek is one of the less crowded trekking routes. Actually, about 2000trekers undertake this route every year
  • Enjoy staying in the tea house along with the comfort of warm accommodation and hot meals
  • Experience the real thrill of trekking in the suspension bridges, amazing views of Mount Manaslu and other Himalayan ranges, and rhododendron forests
  • Witness authentic Nepalese culture similar to Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp trek

Best time to reach Manaslu trek

Even though the trek is open throughout the year, it is not available for trekking in winter because of plenty of lodges in the upper camps remains unopened and needed to camp yourself. However, the best time to trek in this route is March to May (the weather is warmer and helps you witness rhododendron forest) and October to December (the weather is cold with clear skies and renders outstanding views).

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